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Employee Care Partners

All employees participate in personal care, foodservice, housekeeping and recreation tasks in keeping with the Eden Model of Care. It is our belief that involving employees in a variety of day-to-day chores and activities creates a home-like, participatory environment and gives residents a sense of belonging to a larger community.

Employee Care Partners Recruiting
The successful selection of skilled people is key to our ongoing success.  Candidates interested in working for Points West Living take part in an extensive hiring process that includes two detailed interviews and both a formal and informal assessment.

New Employee Care Partners
New employees are given a thorough orientation, a clear job description, and a comprehensive policy and procedures manual to review before starting work under the close supervision of an experienced employees member.  A 90-day probation period is in place.

Employee Care Partners Training
In order to maintain and improve standards of care, our employees participate in a full agenda of continuing education including: 

  • Mandatory annual retraining in WHIMIS, lifts and transfers, the Heimlich Manoeuvre, CPR, first aid and Foodsafe
  • Regular in-service training to review and enhance acquired skills
  • Specialized in-service training such as tube-feeding instruction
  • Alberta Health Authority training in all facilities
  • Dementia and difficult resident seminars
  • Back care workshops

To help our employees stay abreast of new developments in seniors care and maintain the highest level of competence, we offer subsidies for educational enhancement.

Monitoring Employee Care Partners
All employees are subject to an annual performance review.

Care of Employees
Our employees are treated well and competitively paid. They receive full benefits including sick pay that begins once the probationary period is complete.

Practicum Students
Points West Living communities offer practicum spaces for Health Care Aides and Licensed Practical Nursing students from local colleges. 

Our Employee Care Partners are a Team
Although our employees is comprised of people with a variety of professional and non-professional designations, our vision of a family style community involves all employees in all aspects of care. Our team members are specifically chosen for their teamwork abilities and their commitment to the Eden Model of Care. We believe that we have some of the best people available: dedicated professionals who see each day as an opportunity to better their own lives as they assist seniors in the pursuit of health and happiness.