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COVID vaccine rollout underway in Points West Living Communities

January 14th, 2021

The rollout of COVID vaccines is well underway across Points West Living Communities. The provinces’ top priority for PWL is to provide vaccines to staff and residents in our Designated Supportive Living homes. According to provincial government COVID websites, Independent Living residents, including those in PWL homes in British Columbia and Saskatchewan can expect to receive vaccines beginning in February or March.

When the vaccine was offered at PWL Stettler, the GM was first to roll up her sleeve.

Up to 95% immunity

“We got a call in the middle of December to say care partners could get the vaccine,” says PWL Stettler general manager Carol Dyck. “I was one of the first ones to receive mine, and will get my second shot this week. After one shot, we can expect 65% immunity, and after the second, it’s up to 95%.” Carol and most of the employee care partners at PWL Stettler travelled to a larger center nearby to receive the Pfizer super-cooled vaccine.

Residents received their vaccines on Friday January 8, and were given the Moderna vaccine, which is stable at room temperatures. They can expect to get a booster shot in about four weeks. 74 of 87 Designated Supportive Living residents received their shot. Ten families refused the vaccine on behalf of their loved ones.

Residents excited to receive vaccine

Carol says residents were very excited to receive the vaccine, especially the independent residents who were able to take advantage of doses left over after the Designated Supportive Living residents received theirs. “We had lots of allied healthcare workers receive their shots here, as well as one local physician.”

Community relieved with immunization

“It’s like a big sigh of relief to have these vaccinations underway,” she says. “We will still have to follow COVID prevention protocol – you could still get COVID and spread it, but these immunization make it so people won’t get so sick.”

Photo: PWL Stettler GM Carol Dyck gets her COVID vaccination at a clinic in Drumheller.

More photos at Flickr: COVID vaccine rollout underway in Points West Living Communities

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