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Easy riding to the park for a birthday picnic

September 10th, 2019

It’s an end-of-summer tradition that residents at Points West Living Athens Creek hold dear. They call it a ‘scooter parade’, and it involves rounding up all the resident mobility scooter drivers, and rolling off across Penticton for a picnic at the lake; the more scooters, the more impressive the ‘parade’.

Wheeling down Main Street

This year there were eleven participants for the September 5th ride. They set off at 11-am under a clear blue sky, and wheeled their way south along the sidewalks of Main Street, down to the banks of Skaha Lake.

As they travelled the 7-kilometre round trip, they were shadowed by a vehicle escort, complete with flashing hazard lights. A team of employee care partners was in the car keeping an eye out for any problems, and jumping into action to help navigate traffic when needed.

Surprise party

Recreation coordinator, Ellie Bertrand was among the support crew, and unexpectedly found herself the focus of the picnic. “When we arrived at the park, we were surprised with an upgrade from park picnic to birthday party,” says Ellie. General Manager Donna McBeth had arranged the surprise upgrade.

“Balloons, birthday treats of chips and licorice had been set-up ahead of time,” says Ellie, “And we were treated with KFC chicken, and cheesecake for dessert. The residents smashed a party favor bag that self inflated into a birthday balloon, giving everyone a chuckle.”

“The weather stayed sunny and warm allowing our residents to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the park and the occasional chat with passersby.”

Photo: Scooter-mobile residents of PWL Athens Creek in Penticton pose at their rally destination, Skaha Lake Park at the south end of Penticton.

More photos at Flickr: Easy riding to the park for a birthday picnic

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